Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


The Ice Bucket Challenge to Strike Out ALS is soaking the nation!!!!! 

Here's how you participate!Ice Bucket Challenge

Step 1: Create your challenge list, these are the people you want to challenge to either douse themselves with ice water, donate to The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter OR both!

Step 2: Assemble bucket, ice, water, and willing videographer. Optional: friends and family to douse you!

Step 3: Video yourself taking the challenge! Tell why you're taking the challenge and then issue the challenge to others. Usually it goes something like this

"Hi, I'm (insert name) and I'm taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to Strike Out ALS. (Tell why you want to support ALS). I challenge (insert your list of names here) to take the Ice Bucket Challenge! You have 24 hours to take the challenge or donate $100 to The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter...or you can do BOTH!"

Step 4: Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+...ANYWHERE with #IceBucketChallenge and #StrikeOutALS

REMEMBER: You can challenge ANYBODY! Ethel Kennedy even challenged President Obama!

Why should I participate in the challenge? Why can't I just give you some money?

Excellent question! We would love for you to do both! The challenge is giving The ALS Association a lot of visibility! Did you know that only about 50% of the general public is aware of ALS? Taking the challenge and posting on your social media profiles can help us reach those people who do not know about Lou Gehrig's disease. Fundraising is dependent on two key things, awareness and education. You can help us by taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ok....I'm in! Now, where do I donate?

If you'd like to send a check you may do so by making it payable to ALSA-Rocky Mountain Chapter and mailing it to us at the following address:

The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter
10855 Dover St. Suite 500
Westminster, CO 80021

*If you are supporting one of the Walk to Defeat ALS® participants please put their name and Walk City in the memo field.

If you would like to make a general donation to the Rocky Mountain Chapter via credit card you can do so HERE.

To support the Walk to Defeat ALS® please select the city below:


Fort Collins

Check out who is getting in on the #IceBucketChallenge action on Facebook!